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The History

kellys-gasWhen Kellys Brewery purchased the historic Jones Motor Company building in 1999, it finally became a landmark with a future as well as a past. Although many businesses have occupied the site, it is the building’s namesake that carved a place in history. Now, though restoration and renovation, the original character of the Jones Motor Company building shines through.

In 1939, Ralph Jones commissioned the construction of a Ford dealership and service station. Designed in the Streamline Moderne style, this building was considered one of the most modern facilities in the west at the time. Its position on the corner allowed cars access to the gas pumps from two sides while the large curved front window afforded passing motorists a view of the latest Ford automobiles.

bw-kellysLocated on what was then the eastern edge of Albuquerque, Jones Motor Company was one of the first stations westbound motorists encountered as they entered the city on Route 66. Many of these early customers carried heavy loads as they fled the dust bowl states for greener pastures out west. Responding to their needs, Jones built a canopy off the back of the building so cars could be unloaded in the shade prior to servicing. Through Jones’ entrepreneurial spirit and ability to respond to change, his business thrived in this location for almost 20 years.

After the Jones Motor Company moved to a new location in 1957, the building housed many enterprises including a moped shop, a thrift store, a body shop, and an army surplus store. Jones Motor Company was officially designated as a historic building in 1993. Now, Kellys has renovated and restored many of the original design elements. We invite you to take a step back in time as you look at the old photos and newspapers clippings. Check out an old gas pump or see if you can find the original restrooms. But whatever you do, please sit back, relax, and enjoy a beer and a meal in a building steeped in American history.