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Kellys House Brews

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  • Mars Double IPA

    7.2% ABV / 105 IBUs IPA with a Mars like hue. The hop aromas leave you with tangerine and sherbert notes, followed by a medium body with a crisp, bitter finish

  • Session IPA

    4.8% ABV/ 87 IBUs
    Our "Session" style of an American-style IPA. The Session IPA has a low malt profile with a citrus hop flavor and aroma. It is our head brewer's favorite beer.

  • Blonde

    4.9% ABV* / 8 IBUs** One of the lightest ale styles, Kelly's Blonde has a pale gold color with zero hop aroma and a lightly crisp malt finish. One of our styles that is close to major domestic brands.

  • Apricot

    4.3% ABV* / 15 IBUs**  A refreshing light Apricot ale with a low hop profile and crisp finish. Great by itself or in a "Fruit Basket" which is made with half Apricot ale and half Hard Cider.

  • Golden

    4.2% ABV* / 20 IBUs**  Another light style ale, the Golden is similar to the Blonde in flavor but with a more malty finish. It has a nice golden color and the body is smoothed by a hint of a hop.

  • Belgian Pale (Seasonal)

    4.9% ABV* / 25 IBUs**  Kelly's version of a light Belgian style ale which has a bright gold color with a smooth body and a pleasant fruity flavor and aroma. Many consider it sweet a style ale.

  • British Pale (Seasonal)

    4.9% ABV* / 40 IBUs**  Our version of the classic British Pale ale style. It has a golden copper color with a medium body that finishes malty. The malt character is balanced by the subtle hop flavor and aroma.

  • Weizen

    5.6% ABV* / 20 IBUs**  Kellys Weizen is an unfiltered wheat ale that has a golden color and low hop character. It's slightly sweet and fruity, and is most refreshing with a slice of lemon on a hot day.

  • India Pale Ale (IPA)

    6.3% ABV* / 65 IBUs**  The king of ales at Kellys, our IPA has a rich copper color with the strong, malty body typical of IPAs. The Magnum and Cascade hops offer a nice bitter bite to round out the caramel malt flavors

  • Amber

    5.6% ABV* / 30 IBUs** One of our favorite styles. The Amber has a nice deep color with a floral Cascade hop aroma. The Amber's dry character tastes light and crisp balanced by the citrus flavors of the Cascade hops.

  • Red Ale

    4.9% ABV* / 40 IBUs**  A classic Irish Style Brew with a mild hop flavor. This medium bodied ale is slightly sweet and very easy to drink. Its smooth red color is made by adding dark caramel malt to the brew.

  • Altbier (Seasonal)

    4.9% ABV* / 30 IBUs** Our version of Dusseldorf style Altbier. It's name means"Old Beer". It has a deep amber color with a hint of dark malt and a clean, malty finish. The medium hop flavor is not overwhelming and makes this a refreshing ale.

  • Brown

    5.69% ABV* / 15 IBUs**  Our version of the classic English Brown Ale, also known as London Brown. It has a deep amber color with zero hop aroma. The malty profile is smooth and easy to drink. A good choice for those who don't want any hop bitterness.

  • Scottish Ale

    7.0% ABV* / 30 IBUs**  Our strong Scottish Ale is dominated by a smooth, sweet maltiness balanced with a low hop bitterness and a hint of peat malt aroma. Its deep brown color comes from a small amount of peat smoked barley malt added to each batch.

  • Dunkelweizen

    6.3% ABV* / 30 IBUs**  Our version of a German "dark wheat" ale has a copper-brown color with slight hop and banana aromas. The roasted malty flavor is distinctly sweet with very little hop bitterness. Banana and clove flavors make it a nice wheat style for the cooler months.

  • Belgian Dubbel (Seasonal)

    6.3% ABV* / 30 IBUs** 

    Kelly's version of a "double" strength Belgian ale. It has a deep brown color with a banana aroma. The smooth malt and fruit flavors meld sweetly. Try it during cold weather.

  • Oatmeal Stout

    5.6% ABV* / 30 IBUs**  The oats in this style give it a pleasant, full flavor and a smooth, roasted malt profile that is rich and slightly sweet. The low hop content and medium body balance it well. It has been compared to the famous Irish Stout.

Seasonal and Guest Taps

  • La Cumbre Brewery

    A Slice of Hefen | Elevated IPA

  • Marble Brewery

    Double White | Red Ale

B.Y.O.B. – Brew Your Own Beer at Kellys! * Estimated Alcohol by Volume ** IBUs (International Bittering Units) – Brewers use this to determine how much hop flavor a beer should have. The higher the IBU, the higher the hops content in the beer.