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SunflowerFrom the beginning back in 1995 Kellys Restaurant and Brewery has been striving for sustainability.  First with cardboard recycling and using spent brewing grain for livestock food. The greening of Kellys has expanded. In 2001 owner Dennis Bonfantine began running his private vehicles on waste vegetable oil from the deep fryers.  Today his Ford F-250 still runs on used vegetable oil fuel. In fact, Kellys was a driving force in getting trans fat free oil available from local food service companies.

In 2002 energy efficient light bulbs were installed as part of a partnership with Rebuild New Mexico. Plastic film storm windows have been utilized to minimize heat loss in this Historic Landmark Building.  A energy efficient heat exchanger is now incorporated in   the brewing process to reduce energy use in the refrigeration.

Kellys now recycles plastic and glass bottles, and has contracted Soilutions Inc. to compost all collected organic waste.  An energy efficient char broiler has been installed.  Customers are encouraged to use recyclable foil to take home leftovers.  Kellys is using compostable to go boxes, bags, and drink cups from ECO Products in Boulder Colorado.  Earth friendly paper towels from recycled paper are standard restroom items.

With all of these efforts there is hopefully more to come.  Kellys is in the design and engineering phase of a “First in the World” solar energy project that they hope to be announcing soon.

Kellys personnel will be made available for on camera interviews or photos.